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1 of 1 Custom

For individuals looking for a unique and exclusive designWally Champ offers a "1 of 1" custom. A minimum of 50% down is required. (A "1 of 1" Custom will never again be duplicated/sold by Wally Champ to any client) For more details and info regarding this process please contact me via email.

Deposit also guarantees a response within 24 hours and a turnaround time of 14 business days. There are no refunds for this deposit.


Only serious buyers should contact Wally Champ about a custom pair of kicks. Prices are non-negotiable and final. There are no "average prices" due to each custom design differing from the next. Quotes given for each custom request is similar to how a tattoo artist quotes his/her clients. The more complex a custom, the higher the quote.