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 The custom process is broad and flexible and much like the tattoo design process. Encompassing emerging designs, creative art, and professional and private consultations, with the ability to cater to projects no matter the size. The creative control is in your hands as long as the custom project fits our guidelines. If you are interested in inquiring about a custom project previously done visit "Shop" > "Customs". 1 of 1 customs are also available "Shop" > "Custom request" > "1 of 1" . To set up a custom consultation, follow the steps below.  If you have any questions/comments/concerns, please also use the form below for a direct contact to the Wally Champ Team.

 Step 1:

Fill out the "Request Consultation" below. When describing the custom inquiry you have in mind, please mention all details you want included in the design. Along with this information, please include the base shoe and size you had in mind for the custom. The more information you provide, the quicker the design process.  Please note we only work with Near Dead Stock/DS Shoes.  Dead Stock meaning (Never Been Worn, aka DS/Dead Stock, etc.) If the base shoe you plan on providing for the custom has been worn, please have pictures readily available for review by our design team. As well as the shoe being in the proper condition, shoes must be 100% Authentic. Our design team will review all images of  base shoes to determine quality assurance. 


When we receive the "Request Consultation" form, we will email you back to discuss your custom idea. (Please allow 24-48 hours for a response to be sent.)

For a priority email response please click the link below:

Rush Consolation Deposit *Serious Inquiries Only* 

Step 2:

 Once emailed back, I  will work with you, the client, to come up with a custom design and select the best base shoe to use for your desired custom. We help select the base shoe based on a few key factors ( ex: Clients Budget, Custom Design, market availability) 

Due to the influx of clients, turnaround time as of January 2016 is as follows:

2 Months

To prioritize your customization down to a "2 (two) week turn around time, please click the following link:

Priority Customization *2 Week Turn Around Time* 

Step 3:

Once a design is agreed upon and you are ready to place the order, you will receive a link to Online Shop where your unique and private custom will be available for payment for a total of 2 (two) hours. If you are interested in keeping your design unique and exclusive, we offer a payment option making your custom a 1 of 1 piece. Please discuss this option with your custom designer before submitting a payment. Once confirmed with your Wally Champ rep, the link below will become available for payment for 15 minutes. 

(All private custom links are left active for an allotted time, if they are not paid within time frame, then they will be cancelled) 

1 of 1 Deposit

 Step 4:

After payment is made, you can ship your shoes to the address located on our invoices (All shoes must be shipped with a tracking number and all shoes must be in DS or near DS condition). Once the tracking status on your shoes says "delivered" you are welcome to contact us to confirm.

**Since there is currently a 2 month wait from the time payment clears, feel free to email us any questions/concerns between the time the order is placed and work has begun. 

 Step 5:

When your shoes are completed and shipped, you will be updated with the tracking information of your newly customized kicks.  

Wally Champ is not responsible for any damage caused during shipping, as each custom is inspected before they are returned. Wally is not responsible for items lost in transit, It is the customers responsibility to send items with the proper means of tracking. In sending shoes you agree to the terms and conditions.


All shoes of any brand must be 100% Authentic. Wally Champ has a strict screening process before any shoes are customized/worked on. Non-authentic shoes or "fake" shoes will be shipped back at customers expense.