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Shoebay Presents: Wally Champ Custom Artwork Nike Air "Interstellar Flights" 

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Wally Champ...
Born in 1983 in the South Bay, Wally Champ grew up in San Pedro Los Angeles. Involved in art at a young age he was no stranger to the craft. Fascinated with the challenge create what one envisions and obsessed with reaching the unreachable, calling him a perfectionist is an understatement. Above all to keep the passion and fire lit on a day in, day out basis and to never become complacent is key for his fans, supporters, and customers in order to ensure that they are never cheated. Influenced by cinematography, sports, family, and his surrounding, and motivated by the fact that together we can make a difference with Art playing a small roll in Paying It Forward. "See, I am my community" He states. Not a product but a soul unveiled through the eyes of an Artist. When asked what do people first notice and what do you hope they take away from your art? "I hope my art will enlighten them, put a smile on there face in a way that money cannot if even for a moment. That they see the Time, Effort and Details put into each piece of art, that they never feel slighted and with that I can live with."
We at Shoebay thrive at authenticity! The leadership of the group, the character of people in the group, and most importantly the genuine love for one another. Our group is considered small because we care more about the quality of members in group and not quantity. We host various outreach events that brings the community of sneaker enthusiasts together and share their love for sneakers and basketball. Shoebay is also very well known for charitable contributions because it is very important to us to build and help support our local communities. In this, Shoebay has created a very successful way to get the sneaker culture to benefit from as well as give back to our local community. 
Shoebay started before social media, way before likes and shares.. It started with a group of good friends falling in love with the culture of sneakers. The smell of every new sneakers was like aroma from a good cup of morning coffee, loving how fresh the design looked when you wore shorts, how the tongue would sit perfectly over your tucked jeans, seeing your favorite player have a monster game in those shoes and knowing no matter what you have to have them.  And most importantly, is the bond you develop amongst each other while waiting early in the morning in line outside your retail store to cop your holy grails.  So we can say that, Shoebay has been a pre-ordained Inland Empire group that materialized through social media venue over the years.. 
All in all, Shoebay have taken great steps into the shoe world and we don't plan on slowing down anytime soon. If you are reading this and feel that this fits you then we welcome you to our group. 
Special thanks to Wally Champ and our friends at Shoebay for joining forces to offer up this amazing item!

All proceeds will benefit the Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House in support of children and families. 

This is your opportunity to bid on a truly unique item!

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